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  • Do you have a leaky roof that's  causing damage in the attic or interior of the house? 
  • Are your shingles curling, fading, overgrown with moss, or simply worn looking?
  • Has a recent storm blown shingles loose or caused tree branch damage to the roof?
If so, these are clear signs that a roof replacement, or repair is needed. 
  • Have you considered increasing curb appeal of your home with a new color, style, or possibly new material like metal?
  • Thinking of selling your home and want to make sure it captures the highest market price?
If so, we can guide you through a number of options that will be achieve the look you desire. 
Schmidt Contracting specializes in Metal, Asphalt, and Flat Roofing.  Call us today if you demand the best!
  • Does your siding have cracks, is warped, or showing signs of rot?

  • Have you noticed fungus, mold, or mildew anywhere on the exterior walls of your home?

  • Are you still painting your siding, or possibly more frequently than you like?

  • Has your energy bill increased, or you've noticed an excessive level of moisture inside?

If any of these sound familiar to you your siding is failing and will only get worse.


  • ​Have you found yourself admiring the exteriors of other houses?

  • Does a dramatic increase in curb appeal interest you?  

If so, the single biggest change in appearance you can make to your home is new siding.  It completely updates the look of a home. 

Schmidt Contracting are experts in Vinyl, and Smart siding installation. 
Call us today if you demand the best!
  • Are you feeling a breeze every time you walk by a closed window?

  • Do high energy bills in the winter and summer months concern you?

  • Have you found your windows hard to open, or difficult to clean once you do get them open?  

  • Is the interior of the house darker than you like, or maybe the harsh sun rays is fading your furniture and window coverings?

If your experiencing any of these it's time to get started with new windows.


  •  Maybe you simply are tired off the existing windows and simply want a new look.    

If so, we can provide you the options to meet your needs. 

Schmidt Contracting specializes in vinyl and wood window installation. 
Call us today if you demand the best!
  • Is water coming into your basement due to worn out downspouts not diverting water from your house?

  • Are your gutter corners and joints leaking, and causing damage to your fascia and sub fascia?

  • Do you dread cleaning gutters and unclogging backed up downspouts every year?         

If any of these sound all too familiar we can help remedy the situation with new gutters, leaf guards and downspouts.

  • New gutters are one of the lowest cost improvements you can make to help ensure a dry and well maintained home. 

  • Consider new gutters in a complimentary accent color to show off your new roof or siding!

The piece of mind knowing your helping keep your house dry is well worth the small cost of new gutters.

Schmidt Contracting has you covered with our seamless, aluminum, K style gutters. Multiple colors are available. 
Call us today if you demand the best!
  • Are your soffit or fascia sagging, dented, or rusting from age?

  • Does your house near the ceiling feel hot in the summer? 

  • Can your attic be used as an oven in the summer?

  • Have you seen evidence of rodents in the attic and coming through the worn fascia or soffit?

Soffit and Fascia are often overlooked house components that integral in keeping water out and proper attic ventilation.  If your having any of the listed issues help is a call away.  



  • Replacing your gutters any time soon?  If so, ensure you have your soffit and fascia thoroughly inspected to ensure long life of the new gutters.  

Whether you have aluminum, steel, or wooden soffit and fascia, we want to help you!  

Schmidt Contracting are experts in installation of aluminum and Smart siding soffit and fascia. 

Call us today if you demand the best!

  • Are you dreaming of spending hours this summer scraping, priming, and painting your house or fence?

  • Have you been thinking about ways to improve the curb appeal of your home?

  • Did you know that painting is a very affordable option to upgrade your home, without breaking the bank?

  • Would you like to see how affordable an exterior paint job can be?

If your answer is heck ya!' then we need to get together to discuss your needs and options. 


  • A fresh coat of premium outdoor paint or stain can help hide damaged spots and imperfections on your siding.

  • Changing paint colors certainly  can change your entire living condition, environment, and ambiance of your home.  

Whatever your exterior painting needs are we can guide you through picking out the best for you.  

Schmidt Contracting specializes in Metal, Asphalt, and Flat Roofing.  Call us today if you demand the best!


As a Veteran owned and family operated business Schmidt Contracting was formed to deliver outstanding service for a fair price.  

  • Having served over 20 years for our great nation we live by the same values that our soldiers and sailors continue to do each day. 

  • As a family operated business, we believe in providing uncompromising high quality of work in the same manner that we would expect.  Perfection in workmanship and customer service is our driving goal.  

From initial consultation, to finished install, we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.  We are your local, trusted contractor. 






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